Hasri Abdillah


Hasri was born in Medan, North of Sumatera in July 25th, 1977. He studied Biology at Sumatera Utara University and graduated in 2013. He is also active in conservation activities such to secure the environtment of the water birds habitat since he was study in the university. One of the efforts he has been established is a social local organisation called BIOPALAS. (Biologi Pecinta Alam dan Studi Lingkungan Hidup. Biopalas is a student organization for Biology class of Sumatera Utara University. The first research of Biopalas was to do survey of the habitat of the white-winged duck (Cairinascutulata) in the country side of Central Tapanuli North Of Sumatera in 1999 and corporate to Wetlands International-Indonesia Programme. since  2005 until now. Hasri still active in various environtment activities and join with the other local NGO’s in Medan. Hasri have been  being doing research about habitat of Water birds in Noth of Sumatera. He also contribute and as a volunteer in Asian Waterbird Census by the Wetland International. He join VIT Tours to develop his skill to be a bird guide in North of Sumatera included Gunung Sitoli, Bukit Lawang, Brastagi and Prapat, He also a best driver for overland Medan to Padang in the west Sumatera.