Birding Period : August 1st to August 16th , 2022
Participants : 6 pax +1 Tour Leaders (Mr Adam Walleyn)
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Bahar Hamanur
Office Escort: Charles Roring

Mr. Adam Walleyn (Tour Leader)
Mr Robert Warren Sizoo
Mrs. Gretchen Bjorklund Pederson
Mr. Robert Leland Pederson
Mr. Robert Stanley Lockett
Mrs. Adrienne Wolf Lockett
Mr. Gary L Friedrichsen

Finally the Birding Tours are open again after almost 3 years corona viruses Desease 2019 (Covid-19) hit tourism sector of Indonesia. I met the group on July 30th, 2022 in Hasanuddin airport of Makassar then transfer to Dalton Hotel for relax and overnigfht.. The next day, July 31st, the group visit the Pate’ne Fish Pond as the group own programme. On August 1st, after having breakfast depart to Malino, Gowa Regency, South of Sulawesi. This journey take about 2 hours drive. Arrive in Malino then transfer to Celebes Hotel Malino. On August 2nd, 2022 the group return to Makassar and re-checkin into Dalton Hotel for overnight. The next day on August 3rd, 2022 the group fly to Palu (Central Sulawesi Province) by Lion Air, arrived in Palu about 15H45 local time.The group then continue drive to Lore Lindu National Park about 2,5 hours drive, birding road-side and coffee break. Arrive in Lore Lindu then transfer to National Lodge for a 3 nights stay. Return to Palu on August 6th and birding around the Palu bay for a shore birds. Transfer to Sutan Raja Airport for a dinner and overnight. The next day on August 7th the group fly to Manado via Makassar and arrive in Mamado at 10H45 local time then continue drive to Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park about 4 hours drive. Lunch have served enroute. Arrive in Kotamobagu then transfer to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. Here the group stay for a 3 nights. The next day on August 8th, the group drive to another 2 hours to Tambun Nature Reserve for a Maleo trip. The group are enjoyed the unique macrocephalon maleo with a big egg. One maleo egg approximately/equivalent to 6 chicken egg. After lunch then the group return to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. The next day on August 9th, the group birding on Molibagu Road (Tapakulintang), after birding here about 2 hours then continue drive to Toraut forest. After lunch then return to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. The next day on August 10th, the group drive to Tangkoko Nature Reserve, this journey take about 6 hours drive. Arrive in Tangkoko then transfer to Tangkoko Lodge and stay about 2 days. On August 12th then drive to Manado for the next flight to Ternate by Wings Air about 1 hour flight. Arrive in Ternate then continue to Mangga Dua harbour for a 45 minutes speed-boat ride to Sofifi. Arrive in Sofifi (Halmahera Island) then continue drive another 3 hours drive to Subaim Village. Transfer to Wisma Kita Hotel for 2 nights stay. In the morning of August 13th, the group drive to Foli forest a wallacean-standardwings (Halmahera Bird Of Paradise). The next day birding on Gunung Uni Uni before return to Sofifi and Ternate.
On August 15th, 2022 the group flying to Manado. Arrive in Manado then transfet to Novotel Hotel in Manado. On August 16th, the group drive to Thalassa Dive Resort as their next programme. End Of Services

Birding Period : August 20th to September 7th, 2019
Participants : 6 pax +1 Tour Leaders (Mr Peter Roberts)
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Ali Munthaha, Bahrum Adun for entirely tours, Subandi and Budi in Gunung Kerinci and Tapan Road, Yono in Waykambas National park in Lampung
Office Escort : Aderiski Sarwenda

Mr. Peter Roberts (Tour Leader)
Mr Howard Dodge Engleman
Mrs. Lorna Leticia Engleman
Mr. Gilmer Carnathan Ewing
Mr. Kenneth Hammel Cole
Mrs Marguerite Fraser Godbold
Mr. Steven Michael Bershader

This year, West Java and Sumatera is a destination for the group of Mr Peter Roberts. This is the third time to Birding in Indonesia. The first in 2011 to Sulawesi and Halmahera and the second in 2015 to Bali and Lesser Sundas Birding Tours include Sumba, West Timor and Flores.

In 2019 trip to West Java and Sumatera Birding Tours. The clients came to Jakarta from 16 to 20 August. All the clients overnight in Orchardz Hotel, the hotel near the Jakarta International airport, just 25 minutes drive from the airport. As the itinerary said that 21st August at 05h30 the tour was began. This first site to visit is Muara Angke and Muara Kamal at Jakarta bay. Arrive in the traditional harbour of Muara kamal then all the clients go by boat to searching the sea water birds. After visiting this area then we proceed to drive a 3 hours drives to Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park. Arrive in Cipanas village then having lunch. After having lunch then transfer to the Mon Bel Hotel which is located in the slope of Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park. Afternoon birding was starting at around 3pm until 8pm included the night birding. Birding in Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park from August 21st to 24th, 2019. Morning of 24th all the clients departing to Cibodas Botanical garden then continue to Jakarta. Arrived in Jakarta around afternoon then transfer to Orchardz Hotel.

The morning of 25 August then drive to Jakarta International airport for flying to Padang (West Sumatera Province). Arrive in Padang then transfer to Mercure Hotel in Padang for overnight. Afternoon sightseeing around Padang city.

The next day August 26th then drive to Kersik Tuo about 8 hours then transfer to Bintang Kerinci Hotel. We stay here 4 nights then move to Sungai Penuh on August 30th. Overnight in Kerinci Hotel in Sungai Penuh. We overnight here for 4 nights then return to Padang. The August 3rd then return to Padang and overnight also in Mercure Hotel.

On Sept 4th, we fly from Padang the Minangkabau airport to Radin Inten II the airport of Bandang Lampung then continue drive about 2 hours to Satwa Elephant Ecolodge in Waykambas located eastern of Lampung. The afternoon birding until night birding in the forest of Waykambas National Park. On August 6th then return to Bandar Lampung and overnight at Astoria Hotel. This is the last day for all clients. The morning of August 7th then all clients flight to Jakarta and then continued flight home.

Birding Period : August 2nd to 12th , 2019
Participants : Mr Richard Michael Holroide and Mr Peter Alexander Crane (Australian)
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Ali Munthaha, Pak Subandi and Budi
Office Escort : Ali Munthaha and Aderiski Sarwenda

Ali Munthaha and Aderiski Sarwenda or Wenda met the clients Mr Richard Holroyde and his friend Mr Peter Crane in the airport of Jakarta. After met the clients then fly to Padang on West Sumatera. They overnight at Ammaris Hotel in Padang. The next day overland about 8 hours to Kersik Tuo. On August 3rd, 2019 then drive to Kersik Tuo, arrive in the Kersik Tuo then overnight at pak Subandi’s house. Birding on Gunung Kerinci for 3 days then move to Sungai Penuh then overnight at Kerinci Hotel. From here birding on Tapan road begin. On August 9 then drive back return to Padang. Arrive in Padang overnight at the same hotel, Ammaris Hotel in Padang Morning of August 10 fllew to Lampung via Jakarta then continue to Waykambas National Park 1,5 hours drive from Lampung. On August 12th flew to Jakarta by Garuda then continue flight home to Australia.

Birding Period : July 6th to 17th , 2019
Participants : Paige Harvey and Bruce Harvey (United States Of America)
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Leo Charles Roring
Office Escort : Ranny Iriani Tumundo

Paige and her husband flight from Denpasar - Bali to Makassar on july 6th then overnight at Ibis Hotel Makassar. They met by VIT’s guide Mr Leo Charles Roring. Early morning of 7th they flight by Garuda Indonesia together with Charles to Sorong (West Papua). Arrive in Sorong in that moring then by ferry to Waigeo island about 2 hours. Ranny and Charles are organized the clients in Raja Ampat on Waigeo island. They have seen bird of Paradise such as Red BOP and Wilson BOB and other birds of Papua. On July 10th the clients return to Sorong then overnight at Swisbel Sorong. The next day July 12th fly to Manokwari with Charles, arrive in Manokwari then directly drive to Arfak Mountain. Arrive in Arfak then overnight at Lorekeet Homestay with Hans Mandacan a local guide in Arfak Mountain. The clients stay here until 16th the down to Manokwari and checkin at Swisbel Manokwari for overnight. The July 17th the clients fly to Sorong and final departures. For the trip report you can click here

Birding Period : July 1st to 16th , 2019
Participants : 9 Pax + 2 Tour Leaders
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Bahar Hamanur and Stallin Muldaur Sawuwu
Office Escort : Aderiski Sarwenda

Sulawesi and Halmahera Birding Tours already done, the birding Tour duration 16 days. The clients overnight in Dalton Hotel Makassar as the pretour. All the clients are arrived in Hasanuddin Airport of Makassar. On July 1st the birding tours were begin. Drive to 3,5 hours to Malino, Gowa Regency. This destination to Malino will do birding on Lompobatang Mountain. The clients overnight in Celebes Hotel Malino until July 2nd then return to Makassar and overnight in Dalton Hotel. The Morning of July 3rd the clients visiting Karaenra forest then return to Makassar airport around midday. Fly to Palu by Lion Air arrive around 3 pm then drive to Lore Lindu National Park about 3 hours. Arrived in Lore Lindu NP then overnight at National Lodge Wuasa. Birding 3 fulldays in Lore Lindu then drive down to Palu and overnight in Santika Hotel Palu. The next day fly to Manado by Lion Air via Makassar, arrive in Manado around 3 pm then directly drive to Kotamobagu about 5 hours drive and also take a short time for roadside birding on the way. Arrive in Kotamobagu then transfer to Sutan Raja Hotel in Kotamobagu. The next morning about 4 am drive to Tambun Nature Reserve for seeing the Maleo (macrocephallon maleo). After seeing Maleo then drive to Molibagu Road to do a birding at Tapakolintang forest. After lunch then drive to Toraut forest about 20 minutes from Tapakolintang. Late afternoon return to Sutanraja Hotel in Kotamobagu. July 10th drive to Gunung Mahawu via Manado. Short Birding at Gunung Mahawu. After birding here then continue about 2,5 hours to Tangkoko. Arrive in Tangkoko then transfer to Tangkoko Lodge. Fullday birding on July 11th. On July 12th the group flight to Buli via Manado and Ternate. Arrive in Buli aroud 4 pm then transfer to Wisma Kita for a 3 nights stay. Birding on Gunung Uniuni before going to Wisma Kita. The next day drive to Foli for fullday birding to see the bird of paradise (wallacean standardwings). All the clients are seen and photographing this birds. July 15th the group return to Manado and overnight at Novotel Hotel in Manado. The 16th is final departures for all clients.

Tour Period : November 12th to 22nd, 2018
Participants : 6 pax in the group. Mr Pongpol Adireksarn, Mr Montri Sriopas, Mr Kongsak Sumano, Ms Tissanee Deja Aur Arie, Mr Boorana Deja Aur Arie and Mrs Aree Deja Aur Arie
VIT’s Local Guide : Ali Munthaha
Office Rscorts : Bahar Hamanur, VIT Tours Logistics : Aderiski Sarwenda and Anne Manoppo

On November 11 by TG435 Mr Pongpol Adireksarn group landing on Cengkareng International airport then transfer to Orchardz Hotel. The program and itinerary :

Day 01 : (12 Nov) Morning flight from Jakarta to Palangkaraya by Batik Air flight number ID6200 departure time at 06h00-ETA in Palangka Raya the Tjilik Riwut the airport of Palangka Raya

Arrive at Palangka direct to Swisbel Hotel Danum Palangkaraya Star 4 hotel. After lunch drive to Kereng for boat to Sebangau NP. Back to hotel

Day 02 : (13 Nov) Early morning to Kereng for boat to Sebangau NP, Full day

Day 03 : (14 Nov)  Early morning to Kereng for boat to Sebangau. Afternoon back to Hotel prepare for flight. Evening flight to JKT by Garuda GA553 17h30-ETA Jakarta at 19h10 then drive to Orchardz hotel.

Day 04 : (15 Nov) Morning flight from Jakarta to Pangkalanbun by NAM Air flight # IN190 at 06h40-ETA Pangkalanbun at 08h00. Drive to Kumai then by speedboat to Camp Leakey, check-in Rimba Eco Lodge. Afternoon exploring Tanjung Puting NP

Day 05 : (16 Nov) Full day exploring Tanjung Puting NP

Day 06 : (17 Nov) After breakfast back to Kumai and direct to Pangkalanbun for flight to Jakarta. Continue flight to Balikpapan by NAM Air from Pangkalanbun to Surabaya IN 193 at 11h30-ETA Surabaya at 12h45 then continue flight by Sriwijaya SJ232 at 15h10 from Surabaya ETA Balikpapan at 17h35. Check-in hotel Swisbel Hotel Balikpapan

Day 07 : (18 Nov) After breakfast Drive to Sangatta by car about 6 hours then Check-in at Royal Victoria Sangatta Star 4 hotel at Sangatta

Day 08 : (19 Nov) Early morning by drive to harbor for boat to Prevab Kutai NP. Full day exploring Kutai NP. Evening back to hotel

Day 09 : (20 Nov) Full day Kutai NP. Back to hotel

Day 10 : (21 Nov) After breakfast drive back to Balikpapan then flight to Jakarta by Garuda GA575 at 19h45 - ETA Jakarta at 20h45 then transfer to Orchardz hotel in Jakarta.

Day 11 : (22 Nov) Final Departures/flight to Bangkok

Birds :

  1. Anthracoceros albirostris - Kangkareng perut putih - Oriental Pied Hornbill
  2. Aceros undulatus - Julang emas - Wreathed Hornbill
  3. Dicrurus paradiseus - Srigunting batu - Greater Racket-tailed Drongo
  4. Stachyris erythroptera - Tepus merbah-sampah - Chestnut-winged Babbler
  5. Megalaima mystacophanos - Takur warna-warni - Red-throated Barbet
  6. Hypothymis azurea - Kehicap ranting - Black-napped Monarch
  7. Oriolus chinensis - Kepudang kuduk-hitam - Black-napped Oreol
  8. Orthotomus ruficeps - Cinenen kelabu - Ashy Tailorbird
  9. Orthotomus atrogularis - Cinenen belukar - Dark-necked Tailorbird
  10. Pycnonotus simplex - Merbah corok-corok - Cream-vented Bulbul
  11. Centropus sinensis - Bubut besar - Greater Coucal
  12. Pitta sordida - Paok hijau - Hooded Pitta
  13. Picus miniaceus - Pelatuk merah - Banded Woodpecker
  14. Gracula religiosa - Tiong emas - Hill Myna
  15. Treron olax - Punai kecil - Little Green-pigeon
  16. Chalcophaps indica - Delimukan zamrud - Emerald Dove
  17. Eurylaimus ochromalus - Sempur hujan-darat - Black-and-yellow Broadbill
  18. Orthotomus sericeus - Cinenen merah - Rufous-tailed Tailorbird
  19. Pitta guajana - Paok pancawarna - Banded Pitta
  20. Celeus brachyurus - Pelatuk kijang - Rufous Woodpecker
  21. Pelargopsis capensis - Pekaka emas - Stork-billed Kingfisher
  22. Alcedo meninting - Raja-udang meninting - Blue-eared Kingfisher

Mamalia :

  1. Pongo pigmaeus morio - Orangutan
  2. Macaca Nemestrina - Pig-tailed Macaca
  3. Macaca Fasicularis - Long-tailed Macaca
  4. Phantera nebulosa - Clouded Leopard
  5. Nannsciurus melanotis - Black-eared squirrel
  6. Nasalis larvatus - Proboscis monkey
  7. Cervus unicolor - Sambar deer
  8. Tragulus javanicus - Mouse deer

Birding Period : September 22nd to Oct 14th, 2018
Participants : 4Pax Sulawesi, Kao Linyeu, Yang Chishih, Tsao Meihua,Yu Sufang and 4 Pax Halmahera: Kao Linyeu, Yang Chishih, You Benyue and Liang Lichen
VIT’s Local Bird guide for Sulawesi : Idris Tinulele, For Halmahera : Ilham
Office Escort /Guide : Leo Charles Roring

22 Sept. - 14 Oct 2018

For the complete report please click trip report on our website menu

Tour Period : 19 and 20 September2018
Participants : 2 pax  : Petra Baumberger and her Husand
VIT’s Local Guide : Stallin Sawuwu
Office Escort : Fuad Pungki

The group arrive directly to Palu and stay at THE SYA hotel. On Sept 20 morning they drive to Lore Lindu about 3 hours. Arrive in Lore Lindu then visited the megalith in Tamadue village Napu Valley. To reach this megalith site and trekking about 30 minutes to see the Pekatalinga Stone Statue and Pekasele stone statue. Lunch time in National Lodge around Wuasa Village. After having lunch then continue drive to Besoa Valley for visiting another Megalith Site called Pokekea Site where you can see many type of megalith such as cilyndrical stone vats, etc. You can see on the type on the pictures of the tours.

Birding Period : September 1st to 14th, 2018
Participants : 8 Pax + 1 Tour Leader : David Anfrew Raine, Frank Thomas Palmgren, Frederic Pelsy Mozimann, Holger Teichmann, Lisa Howells, Matthew Rathgeber, Merlin Nicholas, Richard Smith and Tour Leader Richard Lindie
VIT’s Local Bird guide for Sulawesi : Idris Tinulele, For Halmahera : Bahar Hamanur
Office Escort : Bahar Hamanur

The group arrive directly to Sulawesi (Palu ) airport since August 30, 31 and Sept 1st, are overnight at Sutan Raja Hotel Palu. All clients are picked up in the airport by Aderiski Sarwenda, she is one of the Vit Tours reservation team. Sept 1st the group drive to Lore Lindu about 3pm, before heading to National Park the group visit the pale bellied myna in Biromaru village. Birding on the roadside around Dongidongi. Arrive in Wuasa the group transfer to National Lodge for accommodation. This accommodation is the base to visit birding site in the Lore Lindu National Park. Sept 4th the group return to Palu and overnight at Sutan Raja Hotel Palu then the next day 5 September flight to Manado by Lion Air. Arrive in Manado then at 10h30 then continue drive about 4 hours to Dumoga Bone National Park. Arive in Dumoga Bone NP then transfer to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. September 6th, 2018 the group drive about 1 hour and 30 minutes to Tambun Nature Reserve for seeing the Macrocephalon Maleo. After birding on Tambun then birding on Molibagu Road before lunch time at Tante Min Homestay. Sept 7 birding on Torout Forest where the clients crossing the river by bamboo rafting. Late in the afternoon then return to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. The 8th, the group return to Manado but have a morning birding on Gunung Ambang. After lunch then drive to Manado then continue to Tangkoko Nature Reserve until the 9th September. The group flight to Buli Airport on Halmahera 10 September 2018 and continue drive to 1,5 hours to Wisma Kita Subaim. The target bird of Paradise, the wallacean standardwing on Foli forest visited on 11 Sept 2018. On Sept 13th drive from Subaim to Sofifi then by speedboat to Ternate. Arrive in Ternate then transfer to Grand Dafam Bela Ternate for overnight. The next day 14 Sept 2018 as the final departures.

Birding Period : August 29th to 13th September , 2018
Participants : Dan Wade, Fred Otero, Gill Carter, Kenneth Logan, Patricia Wade, Stephanie Hooper, William Boyle, William Cater, and Nigel Redman.
VIT’s Local Bird guide : Maurits Kafiar, VIT’S office escort Mr Ali Munthaha and Ranny Iriani Tumundo

This birding tours start from Jakarta to Palu 29 August 2018. Arrive in Palu then continue drive to Lore Lindu National Park. Birding roadside in Oloboju river. The group arrive in Lore Lindu NP then transfer to National Lodge for overnight. September 1st the group return to Palu. Sepember 2nd, the group flight to Manado and birding on Gunung Mahawu. Late afternoon then return to Novotel Hotel Manado. September 3rd, the group flight to Buli on Halmahera. The group stay on Wisma Kita Subaim until Sept 6th then return to Manado, overnight still in Novotel Manado. September 7th flight from Manado to Sorong, arrive in Sorong then overnight at Swisbel-Hotel Sorong for 2 nights. The next day the group continue the journey to Waigeo Island (Raja Ampat). 12 September return to Sorong. Septemebr 13 all the group flight to Jakarta and final departures

Birding Period : August 16th to 29th , 2018
Participants : Anne Dery, Fritz Furrer, Gill Cater, Jean Arcand, Linda Cadorette, Mikiye Nakanishi, William Boyle, William Cater, and Nigel Redman.
VIT’s Local Bird guide : Idris Tinulele for flores and komodo, Kt. Wahyudi for West Bali NP, Gunung Gede Mr Iwan ranger, Waykambas Mr Haryono. VIT’S office escort Mr Ali Munthaha and Ranny Iriani Tumundo

This birding tours start from Bali 16 August fly to Labuan Bajo then directly drive to another 3,5 hours to Ruteng. Arrive in Ruteng then transfer to Sindha Hotel & Restaurant. Night birding to Ranamese for the flores scope owl. The next day birding on Pagal and Gololusang before return to Labuan Bajo. In Ruteng only 1 night. On the way to Labuan Bajo then birding on Puarlolo for the flores monarch. The next day 18 August fullday visiting Komodo to birding and seeing the komodo dragon. On 19 July flight to Bali then continue drive to West Bali National Park about 4 hours and have a short stop at the road near Tanah Lot. Arrive in West Bali NP then transfer to Adi Assri Hotel, resort and spa. Birding here for the target Bali Sterling the only endemic of Bali. The 22nd August then fly to Jakarta and overnight at Orchardz Hotel. The next day drive to Cibodas the Gunung Gede Pangrango National park until 25th August. Drive to Jakarta in the morning then fly to Lampung for birding at Waykambas National Park. The group overnight at Elephant Ecolodge Waykambas until August 28th, the next day then all clients fly to Jakarta for the final departures.

Birding Period : August 21 to 26, 2018
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Stallin Muldaur
Office Escort : Daniel Urslenton Wisers
Participants : 1 Pax (Mr Dion Hobcroft)

The trip starting on August 21 when the Garuda Indonesia Airlines landing in the Mutiara Sis-Aljufrie the airport of Palu. Arrive in Palu then transfer to Sutan Raja Hotel Palu about 5 minutes from the airport. Arround 3pm Stallin Muldaur and Dion birding on Oloboju birding site about 30 minutes from the hotel. The next day morning of August 22nd, drive to Lore Lindu National Park. Birding on the way. Arrive in Lore Lindu National Park then transfer to National Lodge for 4 days stay. Birding tours to Anaso trek and he is able the geomalia one of the most important target. On August 26th then drive from Lore Lindu to the airport in Palu and final departure.

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