Birding/Photohraphying Period : November 3rd to 12th, 2023
Participants : 4 Finnish Birders: Raija Inkeri Teider, Hannele Tuija Heino, Lauri Mikkola and Marjo Mikkola
VIT’s Local Bird Guides : West Java Mr Adun Bahrum  & West Papua  Mr Charles Roring
Office Escort : Ali Munthaha

The birding Tour starting from November 3rd, 2023. I met them in the Terminal 2 of Cengkareng airport in Jakarta. They arrival by Air Asia. All the guests are transported to Orchardz Bandara Hotel in Jakarta.

Very early in the morning  (20h30) November 4th drive to Guning Gede National park, arrive in Gunung Gede then transfer to Lembah Permai Resort. Overnight in this hotel for 2 nights. The birding tours on Gunung Gede but the last day drive to Ciwidey near Bandung . Return to the  Orchardz Hotel on November 6th then flight to Sorong in the middle of night by Batik Air. For more info please click Trip Report

Birding/Photohraphying Period : July 11th to 13th (Sulawesi) and July 18th to 23rd, 2023 (Halmahera)
Participants : Segio Filipe and Rita Andreia
VIT’s Local Bird Guides : Max Lela & Charles Roring
Office Escort : Adri F. Boka

The trip of this Bird and Wildlife photograhying tours have two parts, 11th  to 13th is Sulawesi Part and 18th to 23rd  July 2023 is Halamhera Part.

Sergio and Rita met by Adri F.Boka in Gardenia Tomohon. Adri F. Boka is the office escort of VIT Tours. Early morning they drive to Kotamobagu about 4 hours drive. They go directly to Tambun Nature Reserve for the Maleo. After having activities on Tambun then return to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu for overnight. The next day Mr Max Lela also take a part for this bird and photography tours. On July 18th, 2023 Adri, Sergio and Rita flew to Ternate and met by Charles Roring. For more complete info please click Trip report

Birding Period : July 5th t0 12th, 2023
Participants : Mark Philippart and Shu Yin Yu
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Waskito Kukuh Wibowo and Adun Bahrum
Office Escort : Ali Munthaha

Ali Munthaha  and Waskito Kukuh Wibowo met the clients in the Cengkareng International airport of Jakarta on July 5th, 2023 then drive to Gunung Halimun Salak. Arrived on Halimun National park then transfer to Citalahap Homestay. Night birding on Gunung Halimun.

After 3 days birding on Gunung Halimun Salak then drive to Gunung Gede then transfer to Grand Aston Puncak in Cibodas. The next day July 9th, 2023 then birding on Gunung Gede. On July 11 then drive to Bekasi then transfer to Aston Imperial Bekasi. The next day early in the morning then birding on Muara Angke. After lunch then drive to the airport for the next destination

Birding Period : July 6th to 21st, 2023
Participants : 8 pax’s + 1 Tour Leader: Glen Valentine,  Silvio Sommazzi, Nicholas Aebisher, Sonja Raub, Jefrey Hopkins, Helmut Dieter, Ingetraut Kuhn, Stephen Harford, Jean MCkell,
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Bahar Hamanur
Office Escort : Darwin Sumang

The tour starting in Makassar  (South of Sulawesi) on July  6th, 2023 and ending in Manado North of Sulawesi on July 21st, 2023. In the morning of July 6th, the group depart for Gunung Lompobatang around Malino Arrived in Gunung Lompobatang then transfer to Celebes Hotel overnight. Afternoon birding on Gunung Lompobatang. The next day all clients go for a birding After having lunch then return to Makassar. On July 8th the group flight to Palu by Lion Air flight no.JT854 arrived at 16H10 then drive to Lore Lindu National Park. Transfer to National Lodge. Here the group overnight. The group birding on Lore Lindu National Park include the Anaso Trekk.On July 11th then return to Palu City then transfer to Sutan Raja Hotel in Palu. The next day on July 12th then flight to Manado via Makassar then drive about 4 hours to Kotamobagu. Arrive in Kotamobagu then transfer to Sutan Raja Kotamobagu. Here the group stay for a 3 nights then drive to Tangkoko and stay 2 nights. On July 17th, the group flight to Ternate by Wings Air about an hour flight. Arrive in Ternate then by Speedboat to Halmahera about 45 minutes. Arrive in Guraping harbour Halmahera then by 4 cars drive to Subaim and stay about 2 night then return to Ternate. Arrive in Ternate transfer to Villa Ma’rasai on Ngade Gambesi village on Ternate island. The next day on July 20 the group flight to Manado then drive to Tomohon for an afternoon birding on Gunung Mahawu. Birding on Gunung Mahawu guided by Rahman Adam, a friendly bird spotter to help all the clients to searching endemic birds. After birding on gung Ambang then drive to Manado then transfer to Novotel Hotel Manado. On July 21st all clients final departure.

Birding Period : July 2nd, to 12th, 2023
Participants : Scott Kampmeier and Katherine Francone
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Made Surya  and Waskito Kukuh Wibowo
Office Escort : Leo Charles Roring

On July 2nd at 13:25, Mr Scott Kampmeier and Kathy I Gusti Ngurah Rai International airport of Bali TR 284 from Singapore. They met by Charles and Made Surya the bird guide from Bali. For the complete information please click Trip Report

Birding Period : April 16th  to 22nd, 2023
Participants : Janet Bair, Barbara Raulston, Paul Barrett, Sheryl Barrett, Peter Warren, Linda Anderson, Richard Thompson Jr, Jeffrey Britt and Eden Britt
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Leo Charles Roring and Ali Munthaha
Office Escort : Darwin Sumang

On August 24th, 2022 Janet Bair contacted VIT Tours for an inquiry to do birdwatching trip to Sorong and Waigeo Island. On the beginning the group would be 14 paxs. In January 2023 the real participants are 9 paxs. In the evening of April 15th, Darwin Sumang, Charles Roring and Ali Munthaha met the group for the first time in Swissbel Hotel in Sorong. A short meeting to talk about the planning for tomorrow. It was a nice discuss with this group. In the morning of April 16th the group the group are ready at 06 O’clock meet in the lobby and drive to the mangrove site around Sorong. After a few hours birding then the group visiting a traditional market in Sorong. Almot the lunch time then the group return to the hotel for lunch. Afternoon no birding, just realaxing.

In the morning of April 17th, the group leave the hotel to the Sorong harbour  at 08.15. All the group luggages was taken care by VIT’s team. The group left Sorong for Waigeo island by ferry at 09.10. About 2 hours trip then the group arrived in Waisai harbour on Waigeo island then transfer to Raja Ampat Dive Resort for a 4 nights stay. For a complete information about this tour please click Trip Report

Birding Period : March 3rd to March 10th, 2023
Participants : 2 pax (Esther Bells and Gary)
Bird Guide :  Charles Roring

Charles Roring met the clients on March 3rd, 2023  at Rumah Marianne, on Jalan Rawa Indah Sorong then drive to Sorong harbour for a 2 hours ride ferry to Waigeo Island. Arrive in Sorong then transfer to Raja Ampat Dive Resort.  For more info you can click  Trip Report  West Papua  March 2023

Birding Period : February 17th  to February 25th, 2023
Participants : 2 pax (Karsten & Sheila)
Bird Guide : Pak Subandi on Kerinci Seblat National Park , Pak Hariyono  Bird Guide on Way Kambas National Park, Office Escort/Co-Bird Guide :  Charles Roring

Jakarta is the Capital country of Indonesia with the 37 provinces as the hope of the uniqueness Flora, Faunaand culture as well. Cengkareng (CGK=IATA) is an International  airport of Jakarta is one of the arrival gates  in Indonesia. The other arrival gates are KNO Kuala Namo in Medan, I Gusti Ngurah Rai (DPS) in Bali, etc.  Charles arrived from Manokwari on West Papua picked-up by Zaisy Rima’s friend and drop to Orchardz Hotel located on Husein Sastera Negara street

Darwin Sumang met the clients on February 17th, 2023 at the Minangkabau Airport of Padang in the afternoon then drive to Kayu Aro (The area of Jambi Province) about almost 8 hours drive. Arrive in Kayu Aro then transfer to Bintang Kerinci Hotel Kayu Aro. In the morning of February 17th, Charles Rorong went to Kayu Aro directly to meet pak Subandi. The next day February 18th, begin to birding around 9AM to Kerinci Mount with Charles Roring, pak Subandi and his son Budi. On Feb 19th, drive to Sungai Penuh around 6AM then continue to Tapan Road. Arrived  in Sungai Penuh then Charles continue birding to Tapan road meanwhile Darwin prepare the culture attraction to visit. He met Bobi Arisandi as the Chief of Tourism Office in Sungai Penuh (The area of Jambi Provinces). Bobi then asked his staff Benny, Ucup and Fandi to accompany Darwin to visit the Museum (basically this museum is not yet ready), but from this museum we can see the miniature of Masjid Agung Sungai Penuh, the building totally crafted by the local arts. On Feb 20th Charles, pak Subandi and Budi do a fullday birding on Tapan then afterlunch then Sheila did a short visit to Museum and the Masjid Agung as the crafted mosque bulding.  On Feb 21st, return to Padang. For more info you can click  Trip Report  Sumatera 2023

Birding Period : September 30th to October 4th, 2022
Participant : Meena Haribal
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Idris Tinulele
Office Escort: Fuad Pungki

Finally the Birding Tours are open again after almost 3 years corona viruses Desease 2019 (Covid-19) hit tourism sector of Indonesia. On April 10th, 2022 Meena contact VIT Tours for her planning tour to Indonesia. She wrote by Bahasa Indonesia for communication.

She arrived from Makassar On Sept 30th in the morning then drive to Lore Lindu National Park about 3 hours drive. Arrive in Lore Lindu then transfer to National lodge in Wuasa village. In the afternoon birding around Tambing lake and its surrounding site. The next day on October 1st , morning, still birding around the lake and this time the Geomalia (geomalia heinrichi) was seen around the lake. You can check the time and date on Meenas camera. This is the rarest endemic of Sulawesi bird.

Meenas recording.

Meena Haribal

Dragonfly book sample pages:

Road Trip to Africa Book Preview

Tour  Period : September 10th, to September 17th, 2022
Participants : Mr Peter Bartlett, USA
VIT’s Local  Guide : Ranny Tumundo

A single traveler from USA just finish his tour to Raja Ampat, Waigeo Island  in West Papua. Basically the tours begin on September 10th, 2022 because of Mr Peter Bartlett just after the fiasco with the Philippines Airlines in Manila so he can’t fly on time with Batik Air that I have bought for him flight number ID6150 ETA in Sorong 11h30 on Sept 10th, fortunately he got the other new ticket, so he was able to fly by Lion Air from Jakarta to Sorong and arrive in Sorong at 06h20 on September 11.

Ranny met Peter in the DEO airport of Sorong then continue to Raja Ampat by9AM ferry. Arrive in Raja Ampat then transfer to Raja Ampat Dive Resort. The Red Bird Of Paradise and Wilson Bird Of Paradise as Peter willing to see. And he was able to see them and other bird species and the Waigeo Cuscus on the trees near the resort.

Birding Period : August 27th  to August 9th , 2022
Participants : Mr Dmitry Ivanov
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Charles Roring

Finally the Birding Tours are open again after almost 3 years corona viruses Desease 2019 (Covid-19) hit tourism sector of Indonesia. Charles Roring  met Dmitry On August 27th, 2022 in the Domine Eduard Osok the airport of Sorong. Transfer to Hotel Mariat. . This hotel close to the mall, Robinson Super market, Breadtalk Café and Solaria restaurant. Afternoon birding around the mangrove forest in Sorong. The next day on August 28th, by morning ferry to Waigeo Island then transfer to Raja Ampat Dive Resort. This resort is a best place to stay for several days. Charles met Ranny Tumundo here. On August 29 by boat to Kabui Beach then walking through the forest to the site of Wilson Bird of Paradise. For more information please visit the Trip Report

Birding Period : August 1st to August 16th , 2022
Participants : 6 pax +1 Tour Leaders (Mr Adam Walleyn)
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Bahar Hamanur
Office Escort: Charles Roring

Mr. Adam Walleyn (Tour Leader)
Mr Robert Warren Sizoo
Mrs. Gretchen Bjorklund Pederson
Mr. Robert Leland Pederson
Mr. Robert Stanley Lockett
Mrs. Adrienne Wolf Lockett
Mr. Gary L Friedrichsen

Finally the Birding Tours are open again after almost 3 years corona viruses Desease 2019 (Covid-19) hit tourism sector of Indonesia. I met the group on July 30th, 2022 in Hasanuddin airport of Makassar then transfer to Dalton Hotel for relax and overnigfht.. The next day, July 31st, the group visit the Pate’ne Fish Pond as the group own programme. On August 1st, after having breakfast depart to Malino, Gowa Regency, South of Sulawesi. This journey take about 2 hours drive. Arrive in Malino then transfer to Celebes Hotel Malino. On August 2nd, 2022 the group return to Makassar and re-checkin into Dalton Hotel for overnight. The next day on August 3rd, 2022 the group fly to Palu (Central Sulawesi Province) by Lion Air, arrived in Palu about 15H45 local time.The group then continue drive to Lore Lindu National Park about 2,5 hours drive, birding road-side and coffee break. Arrive in Lore Lindu then transfer to National Lodge for a 3 nights stay. Return to Palu on August 6th and birding around the Palu bay for a shore birds. Transfer to Sutan Raja Airport for a dinner and overnight. The next day on August 7th the group fly to Manado via Makassar and arrive in Mamado at 10H45 local time then continue drive to Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park about 4 hours drive. Lunch have served enroute. Arrive in Kotamobagu then transfer to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. Here the group stay for a 3 nights. The next day on August 8th, the group drive to another 2 hours to Tambun Nature Reserve for a Maleo trip. The group are enjoyed the unique macrocephalon maleo with a big egg. One maleo egg approximately/equivalent to 6 chicken egg. After lunch then the group return to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. The next day on August 9th, the group birding on Molibagu Road (Tapakulintang), after birding here about 2 hours then continue drive to Toraut forest. After lunch then return to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. The next day on August 10th, the group drive to Tangkoko Nature Reserve, this journey take about 6 hours drive. Arrive in Tangkoko then transfer to Tangkoko Lodge and stay about 2 days. On August 12th then drive to Manado for the next flight to Ternate by Wings Air about 1 hour flight. Arrive in Ternate then continue to Mangga Dua harbour for a 45 minutes speed-boat ride to Sofifi. Arrive in Sofifi (Halmahera Island) then continue drive another 3 hours drive to Subaim Village. Transfer to Wisma Kita Hotel for 2 nights stay. In the morning of August 13th, the group drive to Foli forest a wallacean-standardwings (Halmahera Bird Of Paradise). The next day birding on Gunung Uni Uni before return to Sofifi and Ternate.
On August 15th, 2022 the group flying to Manado. Arrive in Manado then transfet to Novotel Hotel in Manado. On August 16th, the group drive to Thalassa Dive Resort as their next programme. End Of Services

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