Birdwatching Tours in Sulawesi included Lore Lindu National Park and Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Tour Period : 16 - 25 July 2017
Participants : 1 pax
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Idris
Office Escort : Bahar Hamanur

Ali Munthaha as a Vit’s Team who live in Jakarta met a participant, Johan Bergvist in the Cengkareng International airport of Jakarta then transfer to Orchardz Bandara Hotel just 15 minutes from the airport. The next day he flew to Palu by Lion Air and met by VIT’s Team in Mutiara Airport of Palu. Bahar Hamanur is an office escort, Idris Tinulele a professional bird Guide and Fuad Pungky met client at that morning of July 16th then drive to Lore Lindu National Park via Oloboju birding site. Arrived in Lore Lindu NP then transfer to Shendy lodge and stay for 3 days. They birding in Lore Lindu NP to Anaso track almost 9 kms hiking up the mountain and they saw the scally breasted kingfisher at Anaso. This is one of important bird sometime only seen at Danau Tambing, Gunung Ambang and recently in Mahawu Crater in the North of Sulawesi. Idris known this spot because he sometime to go hiking up on Anaso track just to check the important birds spot. They have seen many birds such as Satanic Night Jar, purple bearded bee eater, great shortwings, etc for more details you can contact Johan After a few day in Lore Lindu then return to Palu for his flight to Manado July 20th. Bahar Hamanur, Idris Tinulele and Johan flew to Manado via Makassar and met by another VIT’s team Albert and Anne in the Samratulangi the International Airport of Manadothen drive about 4 hours to Kotamobagu. The next day birding on Tambun Nature Reserve and see Macrocepallon Maleo one of the important Endemic bird on Sulawesi. They birding on Tambun Nature Reserve, Tapakolintang birding site, Toraut Birding Site and the next day to Gunung Ambang for the Matinan flycatcher. They drive back and return to to Manado at that day 23 July then continue drive to Tangkoko Nature reserve and stay until 25 July. In the afternoon 0f 25 July Johan continue his next destination to Lembeh Strait for his snorkeling and Diving.


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