Birdwatching Tours on Tanjung Putting, Kutai National Park, Lore Lindu and Bali Barat National Park

Birding Period: October 12th - October 28th, 2011

Birding Host:  VIT Tours as a Specialist Birding Tours Company in Indonesia

An American Birders, Mr Bob Rogers and his wife Janice Rogers just have finished their birdwatching tour to Kalimantan for visiting Tanjung Puting and Kutai National park. The Leader for Kalimantan is Mr Ali Munthaha meanwhile the Leader for Sulawesi and Bali, Darwin Sumang. They flight from Jakarta to Pangkalanbun in Central Kalimantan by Trigana Air. The trip on Kalimantan continued to a flight to Palu by Sriwijaya Air on October 18th then visiting Lore Lindu National Park for 6 days birding before return to Palu on October 23rd.

On october 24th flight to Denpasar Bali for Bali Barat Birding until October  28th. Most 150 speciest of birds they have seen at that period such as an important bird Olive Flanked Whistler, purple-bearded bee eater, Great Short-wing, etc.

Editor : Darwin Sumang

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