Danish Birders to Sulawesi and Halmahera

Birding Period : 30 January - 15 February, 2016
Participants : 5 Pax + 1 Tour Leader
Local Guide : Idris Tinulele for Karaenta and Lore Lindu Part, Hendry Palamia for Dumoga Bone NP, Tangkoko Nature Reserve and Halmahera
Office Escort : Adri  F. Boka,
Tour Leader : Thomas W. Johansen.

The participants: Thomas W. Johansen as a Tour Leader, Klaus Nielsen, Freddy Jorgensen, Mads Smedman, Poul Jorgensen, and Skov Soren. This tours starting point in Makassar, VIT Team was meet them in the airport of Makassar then transfer to the newest hotel near the airport in Makassar (Grand City Hotel) on January 30th, 2016. The hotel was comfortable for the birders. We have dinner together the group in the night and the next day 31 January 2016 flew to Palu about 1 hour flight. The group stay on Lore Lindu until 3 February then return to Palu and overnight at Sutan Raja Hotel. On February 4th the group flew to Manado transit in small airport of Luwuk then continue to Manado. Adri Boka as an office escort to connect to other VIT Teams in Manado, Albert and his wife Anne was waiting in the Manado airport. Once the group arrived in Manado then drive to Kotamobagu town and stay at Senator Resort. The Senator Resort Hotel is the accommodation of the group. The group visited Tambun Nature Reserve for the target birds is Maleo. After a few day here then continue to Tangkoko Nature Reserve before flight to Halmahera. On Feb 9th the group flight to Ternate then continue to Halmahera island for the wallacean standardwing as target bird to see. The group overnight at wisma Kita Subaim https://wismakitasubaim.wordpress.com  After a few days on Halmahera then return to Ternate for 4 person only but Thomas and Poul continue to Weda Resort for another birding site until 17 of Feb 2016 meanwhile the other 4 person flght to manado 14 Feb 2016. Thomas and Poul return to Manado 18 Feb 2016.

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