Dumoga Bone, Tangkoko and Lore Lindu Birding Tours

Birding Period : June 15th , 2018 to June 25th , 2018
Participants : 3Pax: Gerald Keith Richard, Christopher Gladwin and David Arthur Stewart
VIT’s Local Bird guide : Idris Tinulele
Office Escort : Idris Tinulele

This birding tours start from manado airport on June 15, 2018 then drive to Dumoga Bone National Park. Overnight at Singsingon village. The major point to visit this birding sites is just want to see the matinan flycatcher. Yes, of course the next day then Idris can recognize this bird. After visiting Dumoga Bone NP then proceed to leave to Tangkoko Natire Reserve. On June 15 then flight to Palu. Arrive in Palu then overnight at The Sya Hotel not so far from the airport. The next day on June 20th then drive to Lore Lindu NP about almost 3 hours drive then overnight at National Lodge which is located at Wuasa Village. The birding sites in Lore Lindu National Park such as Tambing Lake, Sedoa, and Anaso Trekk about 6 kms climbing up the Rorekatimbo Mt elevation about 3,610 m above sea level. On June 25th they flew out from Palu.

Dumoga and Tangkoko
Silver tipped imperial pigeon E
S black pigeon E
S roller E
Matinan Flycather E
Gray check green pigeon
White eye spangle drongo
Black front white eye E
Black nape friut dove
Lilac kingfisher E
Grosbeak myna E
Shooty headed bulbul
Bay coucal NF
Pigmy woodpecker E
Sulawesi babbler E
Spot tailed ghoshawk E
Green back kingfisher E
White neck myna E
Tarcius Spectrum
Bear cuscus
Ashy woodpecker E
Pale blue monarch E
Orchi bellied boobook E
S hawkeagle E
Vinous breasted sparrowhawk E
Black bill coel E
Yellow bill malkoha E
Blue back parrot
Red back trush E
Grey streak flycatcher
S hanging parrot
Black naped oriole
S triller
S crow
White rumped cuckooshrike
Pigmy hangin parrot
S hornbill
Redknop hornbill
S cicadabird
Blue tail bee eater
Grey sided flowerpecker
Savana nightjar
Asian emerald dove
Lore Lindu
Citrine canary flowerpecker
Yellow sided flowerpecker
Little pied flowerpecker
Mountain white eye
Crimson crown flowerpeker
Rusty bellied fantail
Streak head dark eye
Yellow vented wishtler
S leaf wabbler
Torquiese flycather
A myzomela
Yellow mantle rocket tail
S brush cuckoo
Lesser honeyeater
Yellow wagtail
Fiery browed starling/myna
Black eagle
S cuckoodove
Cinnabar boobook
Lesser coucal
S sarpent eagle
Indonesian kestrel
Cerulien cuckooshrike
S cicadabird
S crested myna
Red ear fruit dove
S pigmy cuckooshrike
Red ear fruit dove
Bush chat
Purple heron
Purple swamphen
Javan pond heron

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