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Tana Toraja Culture Tours
Birding Holiday Period : July 27th - August  25th , 2012

The Vacation Indonesia Tours organise and guided the trip for Robin J. Wissing from South Africa, the long period almost 1 month start from July 27th meet by Ali Munthaha in the airport of Cengkareng in Jakarta and then fly to Makassar on July 29th for the Toraja Culture experiences. Arrived in Makassar then drive to Rantepao and seen the local culture of Toraja. Mr Robin visit Londa, Ke’te Kesuk, and Batutumonga. After a few days in Toraja the Ali and Rob return to Makassar then fly to Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan, transit in Surabaya for 1 hour then continue flight to Palangkaraya. Arrive in Palangkaraya then they went to visit Madara, Mangkatip, Loksado. Few days in Central Kalimantan then fly again to Banjarmasin, A few days here then fly to Balikpapan for the Kutai National Park. After some days here then fly to Manado, North of Sulawesi on August 8th then overnight at Santika Resort and Hotel The next day they visited Bogani Nani National Park, drive about 5 hours to Kotamobagu. They doing birding in the afternoon around Gunung Ambang before overnight at Senator Hotel in Kotamobagu. The next day visited Tambun Reserve for the Maleo and they success to see Maleo with the help of the rangers Max and Om Karamoy. After Dumoga then return to Manado direct to Tangkoko Nature Reserve for a 3 days birding before flight to Lore Lindu National Park via Palu. Birding about 5 days in Lore Lindu then they fly to Bali direct to Bali Barat National Park until 22 August. The next day they spend a few days in Kuta, August 25th they fly to Jakarta. This trip is too tired if you are not good health.

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