Kalimantan wildlife and Sulawesi Birding Tours Combine to The Local Cultures

Birding Period : September 6th - 23th , 2012

The Vacation Indonesia Tours organised and guided a  4 pax from the USA for birding and wildlife tours, Ali Munthaha is a tour leader who meet the group in Palangkaraya, central kalimantan on Sept 6th, 2012. The group flew from Denpasar Bali on Sept 6th to Palangkaraya. After meeting Ali then proceed to Madara and Mangkatip. After some days here included Loksado and the Lamin (traditional houses of Dayak tribe) and the dances. So many impressions to take this trip included the Klotok, house boat, during the trip. This tours combine the culture, wildlife and birding. After some days here then fly from banjarmasin to Balikpapan then drive to Kutai National park.  After a few days here then the group fly from Balikpapan to Palu then direct to Lore Lindu NP. Overnight sendy Lodge in Wuasa. This trip is not totally birding but combine to cultures attraction in the Wuasa village. Mr parher is a keen birder but his wife and children make a dirrerent visit to the local house, seen megalith, the pre-historical megalith statues in Tamadue village.


  1. Laurie Allen
  2. Mr Parker
  3. David Parker
  4. Allen Parker

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