Lore Lindu Trekking / Hiking and Megalith Tours

Tour Period : April 21 - 23, 2017
Participants : 2 Pax’s
VIT’s Local Guide : Fuad Pungky
Office Escort : Fuad Pungky

Mr Wouter Reinier and his friend Kicky from The Netherlands have a short tours to Lore Lindu National park. The destination is Besoa Valleys where you can found many type of megalith spread over the valley. If you are have visit this megalith sites it does mean you have seen the megalith culture about 5000 years B.C. Here you can see the Megalith Stone Statues, Cylindrical Stone Vats and still many types you can enjoy anchient Culture of Megalithicum time. The three important sites of Megalith on Besoa valley are the Pokekea, Tadulako and Lempe.

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