Rockjumper Birding Tours on Sulawesi and Halmahera Birding Tours

Birding Period : July 1st to 16th , 2019
Participants : 9 Pax + 2 Tour Leaders
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Bahar Hamanur and Stallin Muldaur Sawuwu
Office Escort : Aderiski Sarwenda

  • Mr.David Erterius (Tour Leader 1)
  • Mr Tuomas Seimola (Tour Leader 2)
  • Mrs. Syilvia Jean Ahn
  • Mr John Joseph Caroll
  • Mr Glenn Frederick Sibbald
  • Mr Markku Juhani Vesterinen
  • Mrs Merilyn Clair Browne
  • Mr. Paul John Koker
  • Mr. Louis Michael Libert
  • Mr Ivan Eric Chapman
  • Mrs. Susan Chapman

Sulawesi and Halmahera Birding Tours already done, the birding Tour duration 16 days. The clients overnight in Dalton Hotel Makassar as the pretour. All the clients are arrived in Hasanuddin Airport of Makassar. On July 1st the birding tours were begin. Drive to 3,5 hours to Malino, Gowa Regency. This destination to Malino will do birding on Lompobatang Mountain. The clients overnight in Celebes Hotel Malino until July 2nd then return to Makassar and overnight in Dalton Hotel. The Morning of July 3rd the clients visiting Karaenra forest then return to Makassar airport around midday. Fly to Palu by Lion Air arrive around 3 pm then drive to Lore Lindu National Park about 3 hours. Arrived in Lore Lindu NP then overnight at National Lodge Wuasa. Birding 3 fulldays in Lore Lindu then drive down to Palu and overnight in Santika Hotel Palu. The next day fly to Manado by Lion Air via Makassar, arrive in Manado around 3 pm then directly drive to Kotamobagu about 5 hours drive and also take a short time for roadside birding on the way. Arrive in Kotamobagu then transfer to Sutan Raja Hotel in Kotamobagu. The next morning about 4 am drive to Tambun Nature Reserve for seeing the Maleo (macrocephallon maleo). After seeing Maleo then drive to Molibagu Road to do a birding at Tapakolintang forest. After lunch then drive to Toraut forest about 20 minutes from Tapakolintang. Late afternoon return to Sutanraja Hotel in Kotamobagu. July 10th drive to Gunung Mahawu via Manado. Short Birding at Gunung Mahawu. After birding here then continue about 2,5 hours to Tangkoko. Arrive in Tangkoko then transfer to Tangkoko Lodge. Fullday birding on July 11th. On July 12th the group flight to Buli via Manado and Ternate. Arrive in Buli aroud 4 pm then transfer to Wisma Kita for a 3 nights stay. Birding on Gunung Uniuni before going to Wisma Kita. The next day drive to Foli for fullday birding to see the bird of paradise (wallacean standardwings). All the clients are seen and photographing this birds. July 15th the group return to Manado and overnight at Novotel Hotel in Manado. The 16th is final departures for all clients.

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