Rockjumper Birding Tours to Sulawesi and Halmahera 2022

Birding Period : August 1st to August 16th , 2022
Participants : 6 pax +1 Tour Leaders (Mr Adam Walleyn)
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Bahar Hamanur
Office Escort: Charles Roring

Mr. Adam Walleyn (Tour Leader)
Mr Robert Warren Sizoo
Mrs. Gretchen Bjorklund Pederson
Mr. Robert Leland Pederson
Mr. Robert Stanley Lockett
Mrs. Adrienne Wolf Lockett
Mr. Gary L Friedrichsen

Finally the Birding Tours are open again after almost 3 years corona viruses Desease 2019 (Covid-19) hit tourism sector of Indonesia. I met the group on July 30th, 2022 in Hasanuddin airport of Makassar then transfer to Dalton Hotel for relax and overnigfht.. The next day, July 31st, the group visit the Pate’ne Fish Pond as the group own programme. On August 1st, after having breakfast depart to Malino, Gowa Regency, South of Sulawesi. This journey take about 2 hours drive. Arrive in Malino then transfer to Celebes Hotel Malino. On August 2nd, 2022 the group return to Makassar and re-checkin into Dalton Hotel for overnight. The next day on August 3rd, 2022 the group fly to Palu (Central Sulawesi Province) by Lion Air, arrived in Palu about 15H45 local time.The group then continue drive to Lore Lindu National Park about 2,5 hours drive, birding road-side and coffee break. Arrive in Lore Lindu then transfer to National Lodge for a 3 nights stay. Return to Palu on August 6th and birding around the Palu bay for a shore birds. Transfer to Sutan Raja Airport for a dinner and overnight. The next day on August 7th the group fly to Manado via Makassar and arrive in Mamado at 10H45 local time then continue drive to Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park about 4 hours drive. Lunch have served enroute. Arrive in Kotamobagu then transfer to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. Here the group stay for a 3 nights. The next day on August 8th, the group drive to another 2 hours to Tambun Nature Reserve for a Maleo trip. The group are enjoyed the unique macrocephalon maleo with a big egg. One maleo egg approximately/equivalent to 6 chicken egg. After lunch then the group return to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. The next day on August 9th, the group birding on Molibagu Road (Tapakulintang), after birding here about 2 hours then continue drive to Toraut forest. After lunch then return to Sutan Raja Hotel Kotamobagu. The next day on August 10th, the group drive to Tangkoko Nature Reserve, this journey take about 6 hours drive. Arrive in Tangkoko then transfer to Tangkoko Lodge and stay about 2 days. On August 12th then drive to Manado for the next flight to Ternate by Wings Air about 1 hour flight. Arrive in Ternate then continue to Mangga Dua harbour for a 45 minutes speed-boat ride to Sofifi. Arrive in Sofifi (Halmahera Island) then continue drive another 3 hours drive to Subaim Village. Transfer to Wisma Kita Hotel for 2 nights stay. In the morning of August 13th, the group drive to Foli forest a wallacean-standardwings (Halmahera Bird Of Paradise). The next day birding on Gunung Uni Uni before return to Sofifi and Ternate.
On August 15th, 2022 the group flying to Manado. Arrive in Manado then transfet to Novotel Hotel in Manado. On August 16th, the group drive to Thalassa Dive Resort as their next programme. End Of Services

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