Sulawesi Bird Watching on Lore Lindu National Park and Tangkoko Nature reserve

Birding Period: April 17th - 26th, 2010

Lore Lindu NP-Karaenta Forest-Tangkoko Nature Reserve

The Vacation Indonesia Tours or VIT Tours was organising and Guiding Mr Kim Chuah and Mr Edward Louis Hagen for Sulawesi Birdwatching. Mr Kim Chuah The Book author Of: State Of Singapore's Wild Birds And Bird Habitats: A Review Of The Annual Bird Census 1996-2005

Birding on Sulawesi for searching some of Indonesia Birds in the area of Anaso Track and Tambing Lake, such as Geomalia, Great Short wing, Olive Flanked Whistler, Maroon Backed and Sulphur Bellied, Sulawesi Thrush, Scally Breasted Kingfisher, Sulawesi Wood Cock, Snoring Rail, Blue Faced Rail, and Diabolical Night Jar. During on birding tour into Lore Lindu National park , Mr Kim Chuah and Ed have successfully seen an undescribed muscicapa flycatcher at Lore Lindu National Park .

Birding trip was continued to Karaenta Forest & Tangkoko Nature reserve and with luck they could see mostly key species in the park.

News Editor: VIT Tours Management

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