Sulawesi Birdwatching Tours 2022

Birding Period : September 30th to October 4th, 2022
Participant : Meena Haribal
VIT’s Local Bird Guide : Idris Tinulele
Office Escort: Fuad Pungki

Finally the Birding Tours are open again after almost 3 years corona viruses Desease 2019 (Covid-19) hit tourism sector of Indonesia. On April 10th, 2022 Meena contact VIT Tours for her planning tour to Indonesia. She wrote by Bahasa Indonesia for communication.

She arrived from Makassar On Sept 30th in the morning then drive to Lore Lindu National Park about 3 hours drive. Arrive in Lore Lindu then transfer to National lodge in Wuasa village. In the afternoon birding around Tambing lake and its surrounding site. The next day on October 1st , morning, still birding around the lake and this time the Geomalia (geomalia heinrichi) was seen around the lake. You can check the time and date on Meenas camera. This is the rarest endemic of Sulawesi bird.

Meenas recording.

Meena Haribal

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