Trip Report Bali And Lesser Sundas, By Thomas W. Johansen BirdLife Denmark

(Birding Period : November 8th to 28th, 2009)

BirdLife Denmark or Dansk Ornitologisk Forening (DOF in Dannish) visited Bali and Lesser Sundas. The Vacation Indonesia Tours (VIT Tours) as the Indonesian Ground Tour Operator arranged the trip to Bali and Lesser Sundas Birding included Timor, Sumba, Flores and Komodo island. Birding on Komodo not just see the Komodo Dragon but also easy to find the yellow chrested Cockatoo. The Lesser Sundas Birding at that time we stay at the accommodations as follows: Kingfishesr Udayana Ecolodge, Jimbaran in Bali, Mama Riwu Homestay in Lewa, Hotel Elvin and Merlin in Waingapu. We use 2 hotel in Waingapu because we are the big group. Hotel Kupang Beach in Kupang, Hotel Wisma Bahagia in Soe, from here our base for Gunung Mutis Birding. It's also easy to see Timor Black pigeon site in Oenasi, just 15 minutes from Wisma Bahagia. In Flores we stay in MBC (Maria Berduka Cita) in Ruteng, Kisol we stay in Wisma Anjas, and Labuan Bajo we stay in Eco Lodge Bajo for the starting point fo visiting the Komodo Islands. In Bali Barat National Park or West Bali National Park we stay at Hotel Adi Assri for the Bali Myna starting point. The complete information you can read this Trip Report, written in Danish. If you are not Danish please use google tool translation. What's Our Clients say to VIT Tours Services? Please read Thomas W. Johansen Testimonial

You can see the Bird Checklist in English on the last page of this trip report , written by Thomas W. Johansen. On This Birding trip we also visited Camplong, Bipolo, Oenasi and Gunung Mutis

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You can read this : DOF Travel rejse 2009, Thomas W. Johansen (8 MB)

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