West Java and Sulawesi Birdwatching Tours

Birding Period I : June 12th - 16th , 2012
Birding Period II : June 24th - July 4th, 2012

The Vacation Indonesia Tours organise and guided the trip to West Java  started  June 12-16 included Carita forest, Muara Angke and Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park for David Morrison  and  Daniel Mirecki for birdwatching on those areas for searching the java bird species such as Javan Tesia, Sunda Blue Robin, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Mountain white eye, orange spotted bulbul, pigmy wren babbler, Sunda minivet, White - flanked sunbird, javan kingfisher, etc

After birding west java then they return to Jakarta. On June 24th then they flew to Manado by Lion Air for Sulawesi Birdwatching and they meet to Nurlin for Bogani Nani National Park known as Dumoga Bone in the past time. The highlight of this trip is Maleo on Tambun Reserve. After Dumoga Bone then drive to Tangkoko Reserve for birding here to see green-back king fisher, lilac-cheeked king fisher included to see the tarsiers. After Tangkoko then they flew to Makassar for visit Karaenta Forest in Maros then the next day they flew to Palu by Lion Air to visit Lore Lindu National park for seeng the purple-bearded bee eater, white-belly imperial pigeon, piping crow, malia, great-short wing, fiery-browed myna, etc.

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