Wildlife Photographic Tours to Nantu for the Babiroussa Celebensis the Sulawesi endemic fauna, Tangkoko Nature Reserve and Lore Lindu NP in Cebtral Sulawesi

Tour Period : 30 July to August 8, 2017
Participants : 6 pax
VIT’s Local Bird : Stallin Muldaur Sawuwu
Office Rscorts : Albert and Anne, Fuad

On July 30th, by Garuda Indonesia Airlines from Makassar landed on Jalaluddin airport of Gorontalo our honorable guest led by Mr Pongpol other 5 pax: Mr Rayvat Nipatakosolsuk, Mr Montri Sriopas, Mr Kongsak Sumano, Mr Kamol Wongrattanapasson, and Mr Chanin Thorut. The group directly drive to Paguyaman and continue to Nantu Nature Reserve. They stayed there for 2 nights then return to Gorontalo for the Wings Air flight to Manado on August 2nd then continue to Tangkoko Nature Reserve. The 4th of August then drive to Gunung Mahawu and Tonadano lake surrounding site. The August 5th they flew to Palu also by Wings Air then continue by car almost 3 hours drive to Lore Lindu National Park. The 7th of August return to Palu and stay for 2 nights. From Palu then they will visit Bali another photographic wildlife and cultures. The group have seen the Babiroussa, Hacky Macaca, Tarsier the smallest primate, birds, and other wildlifes.

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