Lore Lindu Birding (6 Days / 5 Nights)

Central Sulawesi we head to one of Indonesia ’s greatest national parks, Lore Lindu, for a 6 days/5 nights stay. We shall base ourselves in the lowlands making frequent forays to the higher reaches of the park for some of the really special endemics of Sulawesi . It is difficult to know where to start to describe the incredible diversity of species that inhabit the national park, which is home to nearly all of Sulawesi ’s remarkable endemics.

The higher reaches of the park, accessible along an old logging road, are home to 4 of the most wanted endemics; Diabolical (Satanic) Nightjar, Geomalia, Great Shortwing and one of the world’s most spectacular Bee-eaters; Purple-throated Bee-eater, which breeds in roadside banks and often perches conspicuously, giving great views.

Once again, Pigeons are much in evidence, White-bellied and Grey-headed Imperial are regularly seen, as are Superb and Red-eared Fruit Doves. Feeding flocks often comprise several endemics; Yellow-vented and Sulphur-bellied Whistlers, Cerulean and Pygmy Cuckoo-shrikes, Rusty-bellied Fantail, Sulawesi Myzomela and both Lesser and Greater Sulawesi Honeyeater. Birding at a slightly lower altitude will produce a shift in avifauna.

Here we can find the taxonomically perplexing Malia, flocks of which sometimes contain the rare Sulawesi Thrush, an equally perplexing species that behaves more like a babbler than a thrush! The forest understory is home to the rarely seen Maroon-backed Whistler, Sulawesi Ground Dove and even such mega-rarities as Blue-faced Rail and Sulawesi Woodcock are present, albeit seen by only the most fortunate birders. Nights in Lore Lindu National Park

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