Vacation Indonesia Tours Team

Adri Boka

Adri was born in November 1958 in Bada Valley where the Lore Lindu National Park existed. He was began a trekking guide since he was 15 years old in Tentena, the touristic town. At that time he was not speak English just show where the Saluopa waterfal, He then study in Tourism Academy Makassar for 3 years then return in 1989. He also guiding for the Central Sulawesi Tourism Office in Palu. He joined VIT Tours since 2012. He is one of the Office Escort Guide connected local guides, vehicles, restaurants, etc  in the island of Sulawesi and Halmahera while studying a bird guide. He is an experinced trekking guide in Lore Lindu National Park. One more thing that he is as a native of Bada as a sub tribe of Lore Tribe who  live in the surrounding Lore Lindu National Park.

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