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Ranny Tumundo

Ranny was born and raised in Bitung, Elemetary School also in Bitung town of  North of Sulawesi, Junior High School and Senior High School in Jakarta. University degree in Manado. Ranny was interest in tourism sector  from a very young age. She tried to understand about nature. After graduate from a Junior High School she then organize he colleagues to go into the forest for camping together he mates. She enjoyed the fresh air and birds song during the morning when while waiting the sunrise.This activity continued until she finish her study. She also interest in snorkeling and diving Ranny was moving to Waigeo Island (Raja Ampat Regency West Papua province since 2010 and stay in Raja Ampat

Ranny join the VIT Team since September 2017, she was one of the team to organise the trip around Malagufuk, the Klasow Valley about 125 km north-west of Sorong. She also one of VIT Tours team in Sumatera  on August 2018 especially support the logistic team to take care the clients for birding tour to Way Kambas National Park

Ranny also guiding the group of Birdwatching and diving in Papua and West Papua province. Ranny also love to travel and learn about naturea and sharing her knowledgeof the all aspects of Nature, She also enjoyed the scuba diving in Raja Ampat the world class diving sites. All the above done with some humour laughter in between makes for a great memories.

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