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Cycling Tours Leader,

Sujadi or his nick name called Yadi was born on May 21st, 197o in Tegal, Central Java. Since he was in Junior High school he was very active biking around the village. After some years  then Sujadi was moving to Jakarta for developping his cycling hobby. In 2007 he upgraded his cycling hobby to proffesional cycler  and he took a part to a cycling trip in Sumatera,  from Aceh to Lampung a distance about 2,508 km away.After doing that Sumatera Cycling trip he still take a part for another trip in Indonesia. Sujadi try to build his own cycling trip  with the other Indonesian cyclers/bikers in Jakarta and Belkasi. For the Cycling route Sulawesi,  Java, Bali and Sumatera he already done. The regular cycling trip he still leading such as a route from  Jakarta to Jogya,  Jakarta to Subang, and Jakarta to Padang in West Sumatera. Sujadi now have  Work shop for Cycling  and the Sport  Wear  Shop in Bekasi Area. In 2015 he then to be a Cycling Tour Leader for Vacation Indonesia Tours (VIT Tours).

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