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Tedi a pleasant guy who is also an accomplished photographer and an active conservationist on Sumatera forest. Tedi was born in Padang on February 14, 1982 He was study about Forestry at the Bengkulu University. He then became interested in birds a the year 2010.He became a birding guides in 2012 for the birds of Northern Sumatra. Tedi was one of the  conservation leadership program (CLP), which brought him to travel throughout Sumatra,  spent several years in the field, visiting many remote areas to look for birds and other wildlife, especially the Sumatran rhino and the Sumatran tiger. He has more than a passing interest in wildlife and try to see all the Sumatran Megafauna. He also a bird guide for all Sumatera areas. He join VIT Tours in 2017

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