Lore Lindu National Park Birdwatching Tours

Birding Period : July 20th - July 26th , 2012

The Vacation Indonesia Tours organise and guided a  Rockjumper Senior Tour Leader, David Hoddinott to Lore Lindu National Park from July 20 - 26 before the Rockjumper Group coming to visit Sulawesi and Halmahera. Darwin Sumang met him in the airport in Palu then direct to Lore Lindu in the afternoon, arrive in Lore Lindu in the evening and overnight at Shendy Lodge. The next day to visit Tambing Lake site and seen a very important bird, scally-breasted king fisher was sitting very close about 4 meter from us. The other important birds; sombre pigeon, purple-bearded bee eater, little sparrow hawk, piping crow, malia, Satanic-night jar, Sulawesi-Hawk eagle, Sulawesi serpent eagle, olive-flanked whistler, and the most important bird we have seen is geomalia.

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